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A new group called "Mendip Society" has been set up on Facebook to enable members to interact with one another, to raise discussions about any aspect of the Society or the Mendip Hills, and to share experiences. The group has been registered as a public group, so anyone may join the group whether or not they are members of the Society.
About The Mendip Society

Velvet Bottom from Ubley Warren FarmThe Mendip Hills stand high above the Somerset countryside in south west England.

The Mendip Hills, a limestone upland, abounds in karst features: dry gorges, caves, sinks and river arisings. Cheddar Gorge is the most famous feature. The highest part is a protected landscape - The Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) - protected as strongly as a national park.

The Mendip Society is a registered charity, no. 262867. It is a group of some 700 like-minded people who come together in the interests of conserving and enhancing the Mendip Hills and so to enjoy the Hills. Most of the Society's members live in and around the Hills, but some live as far afield as the north of England and even Canada.

These pages will tell you about the Mendip Hills and the work of the Mendip Society, a voluntary charity. They tell you how to enjoy the Hills and how to get involved. We hope you will join us and visit the linked sites.

Joining In

What you can do - including becoming a member of the Mendip Society

The Mendip Society is a "can do" organisation, but without your help it can't do anything. There's lots of things you can start doing right away, but even if you are just with us in spirit, welcome.